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PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development , PHP is in demand because PHP is an Open Source, and the software is available for free. As PHP is easy to learn ,anyone from any background can learn it . That why PHP can be a very good Platform for better career opportunity for non technical guys also. The job opportunity in PHP specially in kolkata is rising high.

There is a huge market for Experienced PHP professionals but also for php freshers in kolkata, once you learned PHP , you can easily get job somewhere in kolkata or outside of kolkata (India) .

IT sector in kolkata is always known for skilled IT professionals. But now Kolkata IT hub leaving behind the other IT hubs for present development in php and for better job opportunity for PHP developers. The recent success in PHP development also helps Job opportunity in PHP is not only in kolkata but also in outskirt of Kolkata Even in new born IT hub Durgapur , Siliguri. . Recent development in PHP has drastically change the IT job scenario in kolkata. Previously people from kolkata went to other states for better job opportunity in IT but now people from other states are coming to kolkata for better opportunity.Recent development in PHP not only helps to grow the IT sector in Kolkata but also helps the other sectors like PHP training institutions , placement constancy. A promising career is waiting for fresh PHP developers in Kolkata where as for experienced PHP developers the need not find job , Jobs find them .


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