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It is sometimes said that there in not enough job opportunity for IT professionals in Kolkata like Bangaluru, Hydrabad , Pune, Chennai . But it is not applicable for PHP developers in Kolkata, if one goes through any job portal everyday he or she will find new jobs in offer for PHP developers in kolkata. Not only the Big IT players but also the SMEs also grab new projects in PHP from offshore as well as from the native country . As a result the requirement of PHP developers is rising everyday. Whether its Kolkata or any other cities, PHP is in high demand because of its simplicity yet robust features. But what makes PHP so popular ? It’s because Free availability of PHP, PHP is Easy to learn , Vast community .For its economy and universality, most of the medium to small size businesses worldwide choose PHP to operate and enhance its presence online. A PHP host allows to continuously create as many web-applications as you can think .

Though there is ample scope still there is a huge gap in the number of jobs in the PHP sector and the number of trained quality professional PHP programmers in Kolkata. Now the question arises if in Kolkata the job openings in PHP are only for Experienced persons, unlike other stream of IT in Kolkata the freshers who have sound knowledge and well trained in PHP, can easily get PHP job in Kolkata . PHP has a huge potentiality to bring back the golden area of IT sector in Kolkata .


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