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Kolkata IT job market has changed drasticly in the recent time and has left its impact on the Indian economy. The numbers of ITjobs in Kolkata such as PHP and .NET has increased many folds. IT jobs mostly PHP and .NET in Kolkata have bright prospects as this sector is flourishing. Kolkata IT companies are listed and their returns are the major contributors in the economy of India. Including many other medium and small entreprises. They provide lot of jobs as their intake is high.

With the advent of IT industries in the last decade in India, the employment rate has increased tremendously. They are IT firms working for the international or domestic client. Their requirement is quite high for qualified PHP and .NET people . So they provide large scale employment to the people. Graduates and even undergraduates are eligible for it bt with proper training and qualification a person can explore the IT market,and with PHP and .NET they can also have a better job satisfaction for there is an enormous scope of inovation working in such domains.The rapid devolopment is proving to be very good as they are providing recruitment.Which ultimately is resulting in higher per capita income and thus improve ment in the living standers of the people directly or indirectly involved with the IT sector.


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